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24 October, 2018 aesthetic medicineblog

These days aesthetic medicine treatments are widely used amongst both men and women. A large proportion of the population undergoes one of these non-surgical treatments with the aim of improving their image in order to look better.

However, there are different trends for one or other of these treatments in relation to the patient’s age, although all of them can benefit patients of any age.


Botox, an ally this summer

With the arrival of summer when the sun’s rays fall with greatest intensity, we contract our face muscles to protect us from its radiation. Coincidentally, these are the same face muscles that create wrinkles, which can be treated and prevented with the application of botulinum toxin or botox. The wrinkles that become more pronounced with the contraction of these muscles are: those between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. They coincide with the wrinkles that are produced when we try to protect ourselves from the sun.


12 February, 2018 aesthetic medicineblog

What is botox?

Commonly known as botox, this is a substance produced by bacteria called botulinum toxin, which acts at a molecular level to block or weaken the muscle’s action. Botox has various uses in medicine. On a cosmetic level it is used to soften the wrinkles between the eyebrows, those on the forehead, crow’s feet and to improve the outline of the eyebrows. It’s also used in other areas of the face. The result of its use is to give a more relaxed and fresher looking face.


18 September, 2017 aesthetic medicineblog

Have you just returned from your summer holidays? Do you want to be in top shape and look fabulous with fresh radiant skin for the upcoming academic year?

Discover some of the options we offer you at our clinic to make it happen. Summer and the holidays that go with it are a time of excess in all senses. Some of these include: diet, excessive exposure to the sun and being outdoors, and forgetting about many of our healthy habits. That´s why we have to take steps to get back to our routine in the best possible way.

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