What types of cervicofacial lift exist?

11 January, 2024

As for any other intervention, there are several techniques to perform a face and neck lift. Let’s look at the current types of cervicofacial lifts:

Types of cervicofacial lifts

The oldest techniques are based on stretching only the skin of the face and neck. These techniques are not recommended, because they do not offer a powerful improvement to the face, they give the appearance of an “operated face”, they are not durable over time, and the scars generated are frequently quite visible.

Other techniques that work in great depth on the bone structure of the face have been used less, since the improvement they achieve is not optimal, in addition to involving a very long post-surgical inflammation and recovery time.

Techniques that are limited to working on the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) or deep tissue using tension points also offer limited results; they do not achieve exceptional results, so other more powerful techniques are preferable.

The so-called mini-lifts usually work in a limited way on the skin, offering very discreet and short-lasting results.

The best facelift

So, the best techniques to perform a face and neck lift are those that work on the SMAS or deep support layer of this anatomical area, and among them we can distinguish those that do not go under the SMAS, these are plications, and the Deep Plane Lifting.

Properly executed SMAS plications can deliver brilliant results. However, the inflammation and recovery time is longer.

The Deep Plane lifting is the top of the lift, the star technique of the cervicofacial lift or rhytidectomy. It works under deep tissue, offering the best results, with less recovery time. To execute this technique, deep anatomical and surgical knowledge and rigorous training in the technique are required. Not just any surgeon can perform it, you must look for well-trained experts in Deep Plane Facelift.


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