Hypertrophic nipples or disproportionately large nipples are a condition that can produce discomfort, especially due to the uncomfortableness they cause when dressing, making the person feel insecure. This situation is remedied by a simple procedure, performed with local anaesthesia, in order to reduce the size of the nipples and eliminate the discomfort they cause.


Surgery time

About 30 minutes


Local anaesthesia


This is an outpatient operation which doesn’t require hospitalization


The patient can return home after the operation and carry out normal daily activities, although they should avoid strenuous exertions for the first week and follow the simple guidelines for healing. We will take the stitches out in the surgery about 10 days after the operation.


Reduction teloplasty or nipple reduction consists of a small operation to extract the excess tissue that contributes to making disproportionately sized nipples. The stitches are left in place for 15 days.


The post-operative phase is very light, presenting few discomforts and permitting the recuperation of all normal daily activities except those requiring strenuous exertions that should be avoided for a week. Some simple healing care needs to be performed. The stitches are removed after about 15 days.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas treated,
the type of anaesthesia used and the need for hospitalization.


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