What is the Deep Plane Facelift?

4 December, 2023

What is a facial or cervicofacial lift?

Facelift or cervicofacial surgery consists of a “lift” of the face and neck, in addition to other surgical maneuvers aimed at improving and rejuvenating the overall appearance of the aging face.

It is about repositioning sagging facial and cervical tissues, lifting what has fallen over the years and refreshing and rejuvenating the face as a whole. The neck is improved, eliminating or reducing the “double chin”. The jowls or sagging that occur on both sides of the chin are attenuated. Marionette lines and nasolabial folds are attenuated. The tissues are raised to define the facial oval and improve the cheekbones and define them again, or create them if they did not have enough prominence.

In addition to all this, periocular and eyelid rejuvenation procedures (blepharoplasty), and facial lipofilling or fat transplantation are combined.

What is the Deep Plane Facelift technique like?

As with any Plastic Surgery intervention, there are various techniques to perform a cervicofacial lift, or face and neck lift. One of them is the so-called Deep Plane Facelift. This technique consists of instead of limiting itself to “stretching” the sagging skin, working under the deep muscular plane, that is, it works under the structure or “foundations” of the face. The deep tissue that supports the face, called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), is tightened and repositioned, and the skin accompanies this repositioning, going “behind” this musculoaponeurotic system. That is, we work on this deep system and by doing this, the excess skin is lifted by itself and its excess is removed.

What are the benefits of the Deep Plane Facelift?

Well, the benefits are more natural, very long-lasting results, that is, the effect of the surgery does not wear off, but rather you continue to age from this new point. Post-surgical inflammation and therefore recovery time are much faster. The risks of bleeding decrease. And of course, it is the technique that offers us a better result by far than the rest of the techniques.

This technique is without a doubt the best option to perform a cervicofacial lift.

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