Prevent wrinkles in the summer with botox

11 June, 2018

Botox, an ally this summer

With the arrival of summer when the sun’s rays fall with greatest intensity, we contract our face muscles to protect us from its radiation. Coincidentally, these are the same face muscles that create wrinkles, which can be treated and prevented with the application of botulinum toxin or botox. The wrinkles that become more pronounced with the contraction of these muscles are: those between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. They coincide with the wrinkles that are produced when we try to protect ourselves from the sun.

Botox relaxes our facial expression

With the application of botox in the requisite places these muscles relax and in turn relax the facial expression. In this way we avoid these wrinkles getting worse by stopping them from forming during the time that the botox is taking effect, which is about 6 months. This preventative effect occurs when the treatment with botox is carried out at any time of the year, although it’s true that now in the summer is when we tend to get more of these previously mentioned wrinkles forming (and therefore, further developing the wrinkles that these create) due to the intensity of the sun and the longer time we spend outdoors.

Because of all of this, if we not only want to look more attractive but also want to prevent the appearance of facial expression wrinkles which are more pronounced due to the sun, it’s highly recommendable to undergo a treatment of botulinum toxin this summer.

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