After months of continuous and prolonged exposure to solar radiation, our skin shows signs of ageing: dehydration, irregular tone, blotches, lack of luminosity…With chemical peeling and mesotherapy using vitamins we can revitalize the skin, give it a more luminous appearance, as well as attenuate fine wrinkles. The first step is to clean, repair, and hydrate. We begin by performing a chemical peeling that helps us to clean and accelerate cellular renewal. We achieve this by using its compounds.

After this, we replace those substances (vitamins, trace elements, minerals, hyaluronic acid) that our skin has lost and which it needs in order to maintain its healthiness. For this we use the mesotherapy technique, which consists of micro injections in key specific areas of the face.


Duration of the session:
30 minutes




The results are immediately visible: soft, fine and hydrated skin, even and luminous skin tone, reduction of facial wrinkles.

Moreover, other mid and long-term results are obtained: improvement of facial skin, delaying ageing, reducing facial tension, rigidity and the appearance of frown lines.

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