Arm lifts are a surgical technique that eliminates accumulated fat in this area, whilst stretching the skin in order to give more tautness to the loosened area and lift the hanging tissue. It’s an operation that is commonly performed after the patient has undergone large weight loss and with the passing of time suffers from the effects of gravity.


Surgery time

Between 2 and 3 hours


Local anaesthesia


Outpatient surgery


It is possible to return to normal daily life without any excessive strain after a week.


Through one or several incisions we perform a liposuction to enable the skin to be pulled and to eliminate the excess skin. The incisions are made to ensure that the scars are the least visible possible. Then stitches are carefully put in. Afterwards, the arms are bandaged for 2 or 3 days in order to allow the wounds to heal properly.


After a week you can return to normal daily life without doing any strenuous activity. Most of your discomfort will be treated with medication.

In two or three days we will remove the dressings. The strange sensations in your skin and the most important swelling will go down in about three weeks. The stitches will be taken out in approximately two weeks. But your arms will take several more weeks before recovering a completely normal appearance.

Follow our instructions about when to start taking exercise and when to return to normal activity. For two or three weeks your arms will probably feel more sensitive to direct stimulation, therefore you should avoid direct physical contact. Afterwards, they will progressively return to their normal state.

Women who undergo this treatment experience improvements in their appearance and their self-esteem thanks to feeling more self-confident due to their new image.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas treated, the type of anaesthesia used and the need for hospitalization.


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