Inversion nipple surgery


There are people who have one (or both) nipples inverted, in other words the nipple, which normally protrudes, has grown inwards becoming buried inside the breast. On occasion inverted nipples may intermittently protrude. This condition can be treated by undergoing a simple procedure called inversion teloplasty.


Surgery time

About 30 minutes


Local anaesthesia


Hospitalization is not required. It is an outpatient operation


The patient can go home after the operation and undertake daily activities, although they should avoid strenuous exertions for 1 week and follow simple healing guidelines. We take the stitches out in the surgery about 10 days after the procedure.


Inversion teloplasty or the treatment of inverted nipples consists of a simple operation during which the tissues that retain the inverted nipple are released and fixed in the correct external position. The stitches remain in place for about 15 days.


The post-op is very light presenting little discomfort. All normal daily activities can be regained except for strenuous exertions, which should be avoided for 1 week. It’s necessary to perform some simple healing procedures, whilst the stitches are taken out after about 15 days. On occasion and despite the favourable evolution of the operation, the nipples can revert to burying themselves.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas treated,
the type of anaesthesia used and the need for hospitalization.


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