Genital surgery


Some women are uncomfortable with the appearance of their outer vaginal lips (labia majora), feeling that these are either oversized (big and voluminous) or saggy and depleted appearing older than is the case.

The surgical procedures with which the Plastic Surgeon can improve the appearance of the labia majora include both the reduction of their size and volume, as well as the opposite case, their augmentation via the injection of autologous fat. It is also possible to combine both techniques as the case requires.


Surgery time

About 1 hour


Local anaesthesia or local + sedation


Normally as an outpatient without the need for hospital admittance


The patient can return home after the operation and remain at rest for a couple of days, without moving too much or making any exertions. From this moment onwards you can progressively restart normal daily activities, carrying out the simple healing treatments that we instruct you to do, whilst avoiding riding bicycles and abstaining from intimate physical contact for 6 weeks.


If the labia majora are swollen and oversized, the procedure to follow involves their reduction in size and volume via the excision of the excess tissue, before stitches are put in to close the incision.

If on the other hand the labia majora are saggy and depleted the treatment to perform is lipofilling. This involves the extraction of the patient’s own fat from an area where it has accumulated, its treatment, and then filling the labia majora with this same fat. In some cases, it may be necessary to combine both techniques at the same time (removing the excess skin and filling to give volume).


The post-operative phase of labioplasty is fairly mild, the discomfort is light and is relieved with anti-inflammatories. Apart from the first two days when rest is recommended, from this time onwards the patient can restart normal daily activities, avoiding physical exercise for about 15 days, and avoiding the use of bicycles and abstaining from intimate physical contact for 6 weeks until the tissues are completely healed.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas treated, the type of anaesthesia used and the need for hospitalization.


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