Gear up for the new academic year ahead

18 September, 2017

Have you just returned from your summer holidays? Do you want to be in top shape and look fabulous with fresh radiant skin for the upcoming academic year?

Discover some of the options we offer you at our clinic to make it happen. Summer and the holidays that go with it are a time of excess in all senses. Some of these include: diet, excessive exposure to the sun and being outdoors, and forgetting about many of our healthy habits. That´s why we have to take steps to get back to our routine in the best possible way.

Fresh skin after the summer

With the summer sun, our skin gets parched and dries out as it gets damaged by solar radiation and the wind, making wrinkles become more pronounced. We can fight all these effects with a wide range of treatments that will return your face to its sorely needed vitality and freshness. For example, by using botulinum toxin, facial rehydrating mesotherapy, softening the wrinkles with hyaluronic acid and medical peeling to revitalise your skin. All these treatments can be given to you as an outpatient thereby allowing you to return to normal daily life immediately.

The best moment for an operation

Furthermore, it’s time to do something about the consequences of those excess eating habits during the summer. Bearing in mind that each person is an individual case, this is the ideal moment to treat those “spare tyres” and accumulations of fat that we so dislike. In order to do so, we have different treatments available to reshape the abdominal area. Moreover, to get the best results it’s advisable to restart those healthy lifestyle and exercise habits.

If you are thinking about it, it’s the ideal time to undergo any kind of surgical operation. You’ll have all winter to recover.

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