Injectable autologous fat


Lipofilling or injecting autologous fat, or injections of fat, is a procedure that consists of the removal of the patient’s own fat, its treatment, and its use to recuperate lost volume or to increase the volume of areas that need it, both in the face as well as in other areas of the body. In the face it can be used to enhance the cheeks and the chin, reduce sagging such as nasolabial furrows (furrows between the nose and the corners of the mouth), marionette lines (furrows that go from the corners of the mouth to the jaw), and naso-ocular furrows (eye bag furrows). A full facial treatment can also be performed by treating different areas where it is needed, whilst at the same time achieving an all-round improvement in the face in those cases where it is indicated. Likewise, treatment with facial lipofilling improves the quality and appearance of the skin.

This procedure can be combined with a face lift and other procedures.


Surgery time

This depends on the areas to be treated, or if the lipofilling is combined with another procedure, but on average the surgery lasts about 1 hour. It’s important to know that part of the injected fat will be reabsorbed over time, meaning there will be cases which need another session of lipofilling.


A local anaesthesia or some sedation is used if the lipofilling is performed on its own, or according to the areas to be treated. General anaesthesia or sedation is used if it is combined with other treatments or over extensive areas.


If the lipofilling performed is on a limited area and not in combination with other procedures hospitalization is not needed and you will be treated as an outpatient. If the area is extensive and/or in combination with other procedures, then hospital admittance may be required.


Providing the lipofilling has been performed on a limited area the patient can go home after the operation and return to normal daily activities whilst avoiding strenuous exertions. Likewise, you should use a close-fitting garment in the area where fat has been extracted, and for several months avoid sunshine reaching the treated area.


Lipofilling consists of the extraction of fat from the areas where it has accumulated, its treatment, and its placement where required using very fine cannula tubes in order to increase volume, reduce furrows, and improve not only an oval face but also skin quality.


Post-operative care for facial lipofilling varies according to the area treated. If the area is small, the patient will be able to resume their daily life immediately, whilst avoiding exertions. The treated area will remain swollen for some time but the swelling will go down. Recovery will be similar in cases where an extensive area has been treated, bearing in mind that the swollen area will be larger.

It’s important to avoid exposure to sunshine in the area treated, and to use close-fitting garments on the areas where we have extracted the fat.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas to be treated, the type of anaesthesia to be used and the need for hospitalization.




Tratamiento de zonas malares con atrofia y hundimiento mediante lipofilling

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