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Otoplasty is the surgery performed on prominent ears or that stick out in order to reset them back to a more normal position, closer to the head, or otherwise to reduce the size of overly large ears. Generally, this kind of surgery is performed on children between the ages of 4 and 14. Otoplasty can also be performed on adults seeing as there is no risk involved to this age group.


Surgery time

Usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours


If the child is young, it is recommendable to perform the operation under general anaesthesia. For older children and adults a local anaesthesia is employed, combined or not with sedation, thereby allowing the patient to remain awake but relaxed during the surgery.


Most patients, children and adults, feel fine within a few hours after the surgery.


Most patients, children and adults, feel fine within a few hours after the surgery.


Generally, a small incision is made behind the ear in order to expose the ear cartilage. Afterwards, the cartilage is sculpted and bent backwards; internal stitches can be employed to maintain the new shape. On occasions, it can be necessary to remove part of the cartilage to obtain a more natural looking ear. Lastly, a piece of skin from behind the ear is removed. The resulting scar from the otoplasty is hidden behind the ear.


A bandage is placed around the head as soon as the operation is completed. The ears may well hurt the first few days but this is easily relieved with medication. After a few days the bandage is changed for a lighter one similar to a hair band. It’s important to follow the instructions regarding the use of the bandage, especially at night. During the first month any activity that might bend the ears must be avoided.

Most adults return to work 5 days after surgery; children can return to school after about 7 days as long as they take care with physical activities.


The price of the procedure varies according to the areas needing to be treated,
the type of anaesthesia to be used and the necessity for hospitalization.



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