Facelift surgery. What to expect?

22 May, 2023

Nowadays many people feel that they are young but the appearance of their face looks old. There are many different treatments on the market that are offered to improve these aspects of aging.

Antiaging treatments

Among these, we find minimally invasive treatments such as creams, radiofrequency, laser, etc. From there we go up a step and there are other treatments such as fillers, botox, etc. The next line would already be the tension threads. And finally we have the facelift, and although they try to call many treatments commercially “facelift”, the only facelift is surgical, that is, the intervention of facial or cervicofacial lifting, or face and neck lift.

Surgical lift, the only lasting

All non-surgical treatments are very “light”, with very discreet results and a very limited duration in time. They require constantly submitting to them, and a high final financial outlay.

However, facelift surgery is the only option that really repositions the sagging, in addition to treating the rest of the signs of facial, cervical and eyelid aging globally and in a single session.

How is lift surgery

The facelift, as its name indicates, consists of the repositioning of the tissues that, over time, have fallen off, placing them in their original position (both the skin and its support – the muscles – have to be worked on). Simultaneously it is necessary to empty the excess accumulations of fat. You have to tighten all the sloping. It is necessary to replace the volumes that have been lost (cheekbones, chin, nasolabial folds). You have to work on the eyelids (blepharoplasty), since aging is equally on the face as it is on the eyelids, and it makes no sense to stretch a face and leave the eyelids aged and the eyes dull.

That is why this is the best option by far to treat aging face and neck. In fact, many of the patients who come to us for facelifts have already tried many of the previously mentioned non-surgical treatments.

Lift’s results

As for what results to expect from the facelift, nothing to do with operated, artificial and expressionless faces. The results are completely natural. The tissues stay in place, the person looks fresh and rejuvenated without looking out of his age or looking “plastic surgery face”.

And all this is done in a single treatment.

Dr. Patricia Martínez is a registered plastic surgeon, member of  SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery).



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