Profiloplasty, the great unknown

12 February, 2023

What is profiloplasty

Profiloplasty is a combination of several surgeries in one, which turns a “normal” face into an attractive face. The intervention does not change the expression or transform the person’s face into a different face. In this way, it preserves the personality of the face.

It consists of a combination of liposuction of the chin and jaw region, bichectomy, cheekbone augmentation and chin augmentation. Sometimes it is convenient to add a rhinoplasty, according to the patient.

It should be noted that this procedure is not for everyone. It is indicated in patients with thick faces in the lower third, little definition of the neck and jaw, underdeveloped chin and slightly prominent cheekbones.

What we get with a profiloplasty

Doing it will give us a much more stylized and elegant face, it will turn a face “that says nothing” into a naturally attractive face, with a more marked neck, a more marked jaw, a chin with more character, an oval defined face. It is a “beauty surgery”, with completely natural results. You will not see a “operated face” at all, but a much more beautiful and attractive person.

If the patient who is a candidate for profiloplasty has an unattractive nose or one with which he does not feel comfortable, it is the ideal occasion to perform a rhinoplasty. This way we will achieve a much more balanced facial balance. This will provide an increase in the well-being and self-esteem of the person we treat. It’s about getting the most out of yourself.

Dr. Patricia Martínez is a registered plastic surgeon, member of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery).


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