Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine: a luxury product?

29 October, 2020

The number of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine procedures grows year after year, and the explanation for this is quite simple. They are procedures that contribute to the improvement in patients’ physical appearance and their well-being, as well as in their self-esteem from the moment they get up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror, get dressed, move around, go about their daily activities, up to the moment when they go to bed.

Investing in Plastic Surgery

If somebody invests large amounts of money in dressing well, in their holidays, in eating out at restaurants or in a car, giving them a feeling of satisfaction, then for sure they will feel the same way when they invest in themselves, specifically in a product that will accompany them 24 hours a day and which will make them feel much better about themselves.

There are people whose lives are transformed simply because they see an improvement in their appearance, which in turn makes them feel more comfortable in themselves. And there are also other people who carry the burden of a complex throughout their lives, even from childhood. By getting rid of the complex their life is transformed. This can often be the case, and it inspires patients to change their lifestyle after an aesthetic surgery procedure. For example, they start to put up their hair or change their hair style, which is something that happens after correcting protruding ears following an otoplasty. Other people change their way of dressing after undergoing a liposuction or an abdominoplasty. They stop wearing baggy loose-fitting clothes that hide the displeasing areas and take up wearing clothes which are more slender-fitting in order to feel more comfortable and self-confident about themselves.

Plastic Surgery produces changes in style, even in life-style

What can be said about men who present gynecomastia (breast development) and wear large baggy shirts? They can even present problems with their posture and their back, while often trying to “hide” their chest in such a way that it bends their back. Women with over-developed breasts experience a huge change in their lives for the better. After going through a breast reduction operation, they feel a big improvement both aesthetically and in their slimmer physical appearance. As regards their posture, they no longer have to suffer from neck and back aches. Changes in dress sense and life style also occur, such as starting to play sport with those people they used to feel uncomfortable around prior to the operation.

People with aesthetically unpleasing or oversized noses also notice enormous improvements after going through a rhinoplasty. It makes the rest of their facial features stand out, whilst improving their facial harmony, softening their features and it can even improve breathing problems if they exist. The same happens with regard to intimate surgery (the reduction of vaginal lips) which improves discomfort in this area; sagging in patients after they have lost weight; blepharoplasty to correct the area around the eyes looking prematurely old; face and cervical lifting in patients who see themselves as prematurely aged due to facial sagging, etc.

Regarding Aesthetic Medicine the same applies, although the results are neither as dramatic nor as permanent, nevertheless it contributes to a greatly enhanced self-perception every moment of the day. And this is invaluable. The improvement in well-being and personal comfort are some of the best investments that a person can make.

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