Breast reduction, a highly appreciated operation

22 July, 2019

Reduction Mammoplasty, or breast reduction is one of the most satisfying breast operations that exist, both for the aesthetic results it achieves as well as for the improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

Disadvantages of large breasts

There is a proportion of the female population that has developed disproportionately sized breasts, with some even suffering from gigantomastia. This condition produces both aesthetic as well as physical discomfort for our patients. Disproportionately sized breasts along with their sagging produces backache, neck pain…as well as provoking irritations in the skin underneath the breasts (even fungal infections in this area), caving of the areas where the bra presses into the skin, etc.

Apart from these physical problems, mammary hypertrophy brings with it other problematic issues. It’s complicated to find adequate lingerie and swim wear, playing sports is difficult, and it makes the person seem much larger than they are in reality. In fact, one of the changes that comes with a breast reduction operation is the appearance of a much slimmer body.

For all these reasons we find that the reduction Mammoplasty is one of the most satisfying operations in our speciality.

Breast reduction operation

After the medical consultation and the pre-operative examination, this operation is performed under general anaesthesia, lasting between about two and a half to three hours. After the operation the patient spends the night in hospital before being released the following day. The same day as the operation our patients are up and walking around. They must avoid exertions and excessive movements but they can fend for themselves.


This operation is virtually painless, with very light post-operative care which requires some simple healing procedures.

Our patients notice immediate relief from the problems given by the size and sagging of their breasts. Normal daily activities can be restarted after 7 to 10 days. Intensive physical exercise can be started after about a month into the post-operative phase. Afterwards, we give guidelines about how to obtain the best results regarding scar healing, and we do check-ups up to a year after the operation.


Patients experience enormous relief from the physical discomfort of over-sized breasts. They can easily find lingerie their size, they feel more comfortable, lighter, and their self-image enormously improves following the operation.

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