How to recover from the excesses of the Christmas period – Proposals for healthy living

15 January, 2019

We’ve all gone over the top this Christmas…we’ve eaten too much, we’ve all had too much of “that type of food”, we’ve drunk too much, we’ve forgotten about our healthy lifestyle…Well, it’s the time of year that this happens and to remedy it we can give you some handy tips we hope will be useful.

Proposals for healthy living

First of all, if you have decided on some of those famous New Year’s resolutions, we hope you’re putting them into practice. If not, it’s still a good moment to do so. It’s an ideal time to give up smoking (those that do), undertake activities or projects that you enjoy, and take exercise in a healthy way.

1. Physical exercise

With regard to physical exercise, so in vogue of late in society, it’s important to emphasise that, like everything else in life, it’s beneficial when it’s done in moderation. It’s not healthy to get obsessed about it and pummel your joints, and neither is it good to abandon other areas of your life so that you can dedicate your time exclusively to doing sport. But it’s good (for your body and for your mind – mens in corpore sano – healthy body healthy mind), if you do it in moderation. For those people not used to taking exercise, the right thing to do is to start progressively without going over the top until your body starts shaping up. For those people who already take exercise as a routine habit, keep it up, ideally taking some form of exercise that you enjoy three times a week. Avoid doing it at the end of the day as this can be detrimental to our night-time rest. You can also take advantage of when you take exercise to get out into the open air, get some contact with nature, breath in some fresh air and absorb some sunshine that will provide us with vitamin D and strengthen out bones.

2. Sleep well

Regarding rest, this is an important topic and is termed sleep hygiene. Ideally you want to maintain a constant sleep schedule, in other words, ensure you go to bed and get up at the same times, sleep in the right kind of surroundings (without noise or light and on a decent mattress), and avoid using technological devices an hour prior to going to bed. For adults, you ideally want to get between seven and eight and a half hours sleep a night, although each person’s needs will vary from one to the other.

Put these tips into practice and you’ll soon see how wonderful it is to get up properly rested – it makes life feel much better!!

3. A healthy balanced diet

Concerning that excess weight…it’s vital to regain a healthy balanced diet without getting obsessed or following extremist rules banning things. The ideal diet is a Mediterranean one that incorporates the right amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins, dairy products, cereals and pulses. We should avoid an excess of fats (we insist that the idea is to avoid excesses not give them up entirely as it’s also healthy to allow yourself a treat every now and then to celebrate the good things in life). You should have a decent breakfast when you get up, have a bite to eat mid-morning, then a proper lunch, and if you like, something around teatime. Lastly, have a light supper at least 2 or 3 hours before going to bed, which provides us with a restful night’s sleep. All of this combined with the kind of exercise we’ve mentioned before, will help us maintain our weight and allow us to feel fit and healthy.

4. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

And finally, regarding the excesses of Christmas drinking, we say the same as we’ve previously said…It’s not necessary to give it up entirely, we should enjoy life, but we should also bear in mind that apart from the harmful effects on our health, alcoholic beverages constitute an important intake of calories which are nutritionally “void”, so therefore it should be consumed in moderation.

If on top of all of these tips, which do not have an “immediate” effect but instead represent healthy habits that make you feel good and look more attractive over time, you also fancy improving some aspect of your body, get rid of some excess fat which never goes away, shape your body with a liposuction/liposculpture, change your breasts (breast augmentation, reduction, lifting), or make some type of facial improvement with aesthetic medicine (augmentation of lips, cheeks, correction of wrinkles) or even facial surgery (rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, etc), you can always consult us, and we will gladly advise you.

Well, after all these tips we hope that you’ll be active and have a healthy lifestyle…enjoy the New year!!

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