Labioplasty and intimate surgery

1 March, 2018

With new habits that evolve in line with life today, such as tight-fitting clothes, going to the gym and using changing rooms with other people, etc, a new requirement arises, that of surgery in intimate parts. The most requested operations are reduction labioplasty or the reduction of the inner vaginal lips, ninfoplasty or remodelling the skin that hoods the clitoris, augmentation or reduction of the outer lips and liposuction of the pubis.

Reasons for a reduction labioplasty

The procedure for labioplasty is simple, it is performed in the operating theatre with local anaesthesia or local and sedation. As an outpatient the patient can return home a few hours after the operation.

After precisely marking the area to be intervened, the operation consists of withdrawing the skin (mucous membrane) and the excess fat. The final shape of the lip is remodelled so that the result is aesthetically attractive. Sometimes there is excess skin in the area of the clitoris’ hood which is removed during the operation.

Recovery after labioplasty

Regarding the recovery, the patient can return home after the operation, there is hardly any pain and anyway, medication is prescribed so that there isn’t any.

The patient must remain at rest for a couple of days, avoiding exertions. From this moment onwards they can restart normal daily activities, avoiding vigorous exercise for the first month. They should also abstain from intimate physical contact for the first 6 weeks. Until the wound has properly healed it’s necessary to maintain the appropriate hygiene in the area and use an antibiotic ointment. The resulting scar is unnoticeable, and there is no alteration to the area’s sensitivity.

This is an operation that gives enormous satisfaction to the patients and improvement to their wellbeing.

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