Cervico-facial stretch

Face and neck
deep plane lift

Dr. Patricia Martínez is a board-certified plastic surgeon,
specialized in deep plane facelift

What is deep plane facelift surgery?

Deep plane facelift to the neck or the face and neck, are surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate the face, neck or both. The object is to reposition the facial tissue layers that have sagged with age, relocating facial tissue and repositioning lost volume. Typically, candidate patients for this procedure are over 45 years old and present a saggy and tired facial appearance.

Deep plane facelift are frequently combined with other lipofilling procedures in order to improve the facial oval, as well as with eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty due to the fact that facial and/or neck ageing is usually not isolated but comes with other signs of ageing around the eyes.


Surgery time: 4-5 hours

General anaesthesia

Requires admittance to hospital

Recovery: 2-4 weeks

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SECPRE plastic surgeon

Dr Patricia Martínez

Dr. Patricia Martínez is a specialist in one of the most innovative techniques with the most effective results in cervico-facial deep plan lift surgery. Formed by Dr. Concha Albert, from the Tapia Institute in Barcelona, whose founder, Dr. Antonio Tapia, was the introducer of facelift surgery in Spain.

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    Our patients give us their opinion


    I could not have had more luck finding them, both Patricia and María (their receptionist). Apart from being super professionals, they are good people, which is difficult to find, they always speak to you with affection and explain everything in a very that you do not have any doubts unresolved. After the operation, they called me every day to find out how I was doing and when you call them via WhatsApp they answer you in less than 5 minutes. Without a doubt, if I decide to have surgery again for whatever it is, I will go to them without thinking for a second. (translated)

    Inés Gómez

    I’m giving it 5 stars basically because I have no complaints. Both Dr. Patricia and her team have been very professional and close, giving you a lot of security before and after the operation. They have a very good follow-up and Maria attends you quickly by WhatsApp if you have any questions and she communicates it to the doctor. I also had a problem and they helped me solve it even if it was something that is not her job to solve. I am certainly very happy with the treatment and the result of my operation. (translated)

    Verónica Serrano

    The truth is that I couldn’t be happier with the experience with Dr. Patricia, because of the treatment received, the trust they give you from the first moment they make you feel at home, and above all the attention that both she and Maria give you are Some wonderful people who make you feel great, the whole team is fantastic. It is worth putting yourself in good hands ? very happy and happy. I recommend it 100%. (translated)

    Lorenzo Cruz Blasco




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