Mastopexy or breast uplift

19 September, 2018

What is a mastopexy?

Mastopexy or breast uplift is a procedure that aims to reposition the breasts in their ideal place. For a variety of reasons, the breasts can droop, sag or become empty. The most common reasons for this are usually: pregnancy and breastfeeding, an important loss of weight, and the early development of breasts with a drooping form (the breast has developed this way).

Alternative techniques to mastopexy

Lately, a variety of alternative techniques have appeared in order to raise and reposition the breasts. These are “minimal invasive” techniques using threads, radiofrequency, etc. Their effectiveness is dubious and in the long run they turn out to be more expensive than a surgical operation with which they cannot compete. Don’t be fooled, the solution for fallen or empty breasts in none other than surgery.

Different solutions for a mastopexy

Depending on each individual case, there are different techniques to correct fallen breasts. If the breasts are empty only, in certain cases the solution can be found in inserting implants. In other cases, we can opt for fitting an implant and uplifting the tissue via an incision around the areola. In another type of case where the tissues are more drooping, we might have to make an incision in the shape of an anchor or an inverted T, thereby taking advantage of the sagging mammary tissue itself in order to fill out the cleavage in a kind of “self-implant”.

It’s also possible to combine these procedures with a mammary lipofilling if we want to avoid implants. This procedure consists of using fat taken from the patient herself in order to give some volume to the breasts without resorting to implants or prostheses.

Given the range of possibilities in this operation the mastopexy or breast uplifting is a highly satisfying procedure for the patient, which improves her self-esteem and achieves a much improved self-perception when she’s dressed or when she wears a swimsuit.

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